Thursday, October 22, 2020

Best Stand Alone Science Fiction Books001

Not surprisingly, modern fantasy was born in the midst of science fiction and it was the science fiction readers who first sheltered works such as THE LORD OF THE RINGS, by Tolkien, and it was within him where already classic works in fantasy were developed as the DARKOVER series, by Marion Zimmer Bradley, TERRAMAR, by Ursula K. Le Guin. Fortunately, science fiction that knows how to use science and technology for important purposes (saving the life of a human being) still exists, has not died and, I fervently desire it, it has many years to go even if it is competing in the market with the modern fantasy we have talked about.

At the last London book fair, the British Publishers Association indicated that in 2017, 16% of listeners listen through podcasts, audiobooks and audio series when last year they stayed at 1%. Not only have specific literary streaming platforms emerged, such as Storytel, one primarily dedicated to fiction by audio chapters: Serial Box Netflix and HBO also place their bets. (I like fantasy books, adventure, .. type of song of ice and fire, Mistborn and others?) I edit to say that I like stories with deaths, blood and so on, following the aforementioned genres, I mean more adult stories and also have Plot Twist and never be calm because it is known that no one important will die. Story books that are pretty good you can find: -The myths of Cthulhu (from HP Lovecraft and others) -Fantastic stories (Stephen King) -Blood books (Clive Barker) - (Of these there are several volumes, but they are independent stories) More encompassed in science fiction, without becoming bizarre: -The bicentennial man and other stories (Isaac Asimov) -Yo, robot, (Isaac Asimov) (Also several stories) -The guide of the galactic hitchhiker (Douglas Adams) (Very easy to read and not too long).

(I like fantasy books, adventure, science fiction ... type Ice and Fire Song, Mistborn and others?) We recommend the best science fiction best scifi fantasy audiobooks books. We believe that these are the best science fiction books, now tell us your opinion about which one you think we are missing.

In addition to his work as founder of Dianetics and Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard is among the most enduring and widely read popular fiction authors in the world, with international sales of around fifty million copies and a work spanning fifty years. And while Battlefield: The Earth marked the monumental return of Mr. Hubbard to fiction after an absence of thirty years, his 1.2 million words in ten volumes of the series Mission: The Earth is rightly regarded as his masterpiece. 1 The first season of the series is based on the first half of the book "Leviathan Wakes", the first book in the series The Expanse, and the second season concludes.

5 The titles of the series' books bear cryptic names in reference to the events in their respective novels. Jefferson Mays is a well-known audiobook narrator who provided the voice for the audiobook editions of several series novels. The new best sci fi audiobooks book by George R. R. Martin tells the fascinating story of the Targaryen, the dynasty that reigned in Westeros three hundred years before the start of "A Song of Ice and Fire", the saga that inspired the HBO series: "Game of Thrones."

The writer and editor Frederik Pohl is in charge of presenting this novel that qualifies as belonging to political science fiction, a natural and own branch of the genre but that has not always been well accepted by foreigners, being the most famous of these pillaged works and sent to other more noble shelves. Juan Miguel Aguilera and Rafael Marín, two of the best authors of Spanish science fiction, responsible for mythical titles such as Worlds in the Abyss, The Dream of Reason, Rihla, Elemental, dear Chaplin, Tears of Light The Legend of the Navigator, we They offer a story between mythology, science, speculation and adventure. In this selection of science fiction books you can find excellent examples of how far this genre is a description of, at the same time, what it is and what our universe could become.

This novel by George Orwell has been enshrined as one of the best science fiction books because of the parallels that can be drawn between his universe and reality. Not all science fiction books have to be novels; There are also science fiction graphic novels. There are books for all tastes: from "learn to play poker", science fiction novels, books to quit smoking have a better relationship with our coworkers.

In this literary novel taken to science fiction, the author Adolf Huxley shows us a world that is apparently safe, stable and happy, guided by a metaphor in which all its inhabitants are created under the same assembly line and with a mission that designates how They will develop their lives. On the other hand, we seek to carry out, together with this cultural work, a social work, facilitating access to the great works of the universal literature of terror and science fiction to people who, whether for economic reasons for physical reasons (blind people), have Difficulties accessing them.

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