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In this literature classic, published in 1932, Huxley presents our possible future with a satirical, ironic and bleak picture. The book was published in 1953, and the author already advanced television screens on the walls, interactive technology, use of robots and even internal headphones to listen to the news.

We talk about something like that when we talk about hard science fiction. A category of science is usually understood as hard, characterized by its attention to scientific rigor, realism and logic. In the hard pole of science fiction we best sci fi audiobooks find some narratives in which technologies that are being investigated today have been extrapolated but do not yet exist; in others it is granted that some physical law is different from the real one and the consequences are explored.

These are novels about exploration and spatial colonization, focused on the engineering and physics of such situations, and, as we approach the soft pole, we arrive at the space opera. Kim Stanley Robinson is a classic name in this subcategory, especially for its Martian Trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars). Minotaur has recently published his novel george orwells audiobooks Aurora, about an intergenerational ship that travels to Tau Ceti to found a human colony, and The Dream of Galileo, which combines a biography of Galileo Galilei and a portrait of a future society that inhabits the moons that He discovered. Booket has published 2312, which received the Nebula Award for best novel and was nominated for the Hugo Award.

His novel Spin won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2006; Unfortunately, the Roca edition in the Omicrón collection is sold out. His best-known universe is that of Revelation Space, which includes a trilogy of novels (Revelation Space, The Ark of Redemption and The Gorge of Absolution), two prequels, two anthologies of short stories and novels and an independent novel, Abyss City , for which I recommend you start. This independent novel follows the adventures of Tanner Mirabel, who has traveled light years to avenge the death of his boss at the hands of a postmortal nobleman named Argent Reivich.

But hard science fiction is not just about interstellar ships and since the space race is over we have other concerns. It is delicious to read his short novel Beggars in Spain (which certainly deserves a reissue), about a group of people genetically modified so they do not need sleep and the virulent reaction of society against them. The last topic that I would like to address in science fiction lasts today is transhumanism. We have already told you about ONE and 36 of Nieves Delgado, We failed to dream of Dioni Arroyo, Condromrome of Francesc Aunión Julià, Bad Streak of José Antonio Cotrina and Amor de Katherine Dunn's monster.

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From kiosk novels to consolidation. With this stage came the consolidation of "serious" science fiction in Spanish. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Moviegoers from the United States and Canada preferred science fiction over comedy this weekend.

However, ticket sales did not come close to those recorded at some time in its weekend premiere other science fiction adaptations for young people and adults such as "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games". The success that 1984 audiobook by george orwells surrounded this feature gave rise to the rights of Cline's new work, Armada, being sold before the book was published. Self-published in 2011, four years later Andy Weir's novel The Martian was adapted to the cinema.

If you got hooked on this story, you will love the book. The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman directs the adaptation of Ness's novel, which features Oscar-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) on board as one of the leading producers, and an impressive best sci fi audiobooks cast which completes the two tracks with Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir, Kurt Sutter, Nick Jonas and David Oyelowo. The novel was adapted in a 1976 film, which was starred by Michael York, and also nominated for three Academy Awards (of which he won one for visual effects).

This novel tells the story of a girl who one day falls into a weak spot on the ground and lands in the palm of a giant and mysterious metal hand. With the outside world turned toxic to mankind, silo residents deal with the struggles of an uncertain future under the world they once walked, and a strict governing body with little tolerance for free thinking. Ariel Dorfman (Konfidenz, Missing, Death and the Princess) and Hugo Correa (The Soaring, Where the Snake Stalks) are perhaps the two names of more international echo that Light Years collects, but the book also offers a sample of a group of writers of very different ages and fields that show off their interesting narrative and that are, among others: Elena Aldunate, Jorge Baradit, Sergio Meier.

So here you will not find low quality books.

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