Monday, October 19, 2020

Best New Fantasy Book Series,,,,001

Netflix broadcast it in Spain and Latin America and continues to distribute the first two seasons today, but it has been Amazon that has opted to refloat the series for a fourth season, so we assume that in the near future its offer will be restricted to the Jeff Bezos platform.

On Netflix: Lost in Space, the reboot of the sixties series that Netflix just launched a few months ago, could also have entered this ranking as an example of science fiction for the whole family. The original story The Ender Game, published in 1977 in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, 1 offers a small view of Ender's experiences at the Battle School and the School of Commanders: the novel completes it with scenes from the life of Ender before, during and after the war, and also contains some chapters that describe the highly explosive political situation in which Earth is immersed upon its return. In this future, humanity has developed the interstellar journey, communication faster than light (called ansible in the novels of Ursula K. Le Guin), control over gravity and other mechanisms and weapons (many discovered from the remains of the First Insective Invasion).

While Ender continues his training, his two brothers seek to modify world public opinion through their participation in computer network forums, under two fake personalities, the sensible Locke (in charge of Peter) and the xenophobic demagogue Demóstenes (in charge of Valentine). The original short story is just a description of Ender's experiences at the Battle School, while the novel is a complex work that addresses classic science fiction issues from a more new sci fi audiobooks psychological perspective. Mazer Rackham is one of the most intriguing characters in the novel, who plays a very significant role: he is a legend of the International Fleet, a military organization that trains space cadets and deals with the protection of planet Earth. In the words of Michael Moorcock himself, it is the perfect time to bring to the television the novels of the runic staff that were published at the end of the seventies of the last century.

Sagas composed by book, series and video game. This has produced that, although the books began to be written at the end of the eighties, history has never lost its relevance. Aliens Colonial Marines: Rising Threat is a comic that mixes science fiction and terror that transports us to the years of formation of the United States Colonial Marine Corps and links to the Cold Iron Studios game events.

This seems to indicate Netflix's intention to expand the history of the books in, possibly, new stories never before told and of its own creation. Recall that books have sold more than one hundred million copies worldwide and have been translated top sci fi audiobooks into more than 47 languages, so we are facing one of the greatest successes of youth literature of all time. The illustrations of the last three novels of the saga will have a continuous style with respect to the first three.

Among his latest publications are the charitable anthology Unfettered III - a book that collects stories of Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Naomi Novik, Tad Williams Robin Hobb, among others - as well as Terry Brooks' Street Freaks novel. Although the little free men of Narrativia and The Jim Henson Company or The Watch of BBC America - based on the Ankh-Morpork Guard - have not yet been released, a future adaptation of one of Terry Pratchett's novels is already being forged . This is the amazing Mauricio and his wise rodents, the first novel for young men that the Man in the Hat wrote, originally published in 2001 with a cover by Paul Kidby â€" it did not arrive in Spain until nine years later, in 2010, with Javier's translation Bald - and set in the crazy, but always logical, Mundodisco.

The amazing Mauricio and his wise rodents will not be the first animated film set in Mundodisco - more than twenty years ago they premiered directly on television Wyrd Sisters, based on the novel Brujerías, and Soul Music, based on the novel of the same name, both released in 1997 and produced by Cosgrove Hall Films. For those who do not know the novel, to say that even if they wear the youth novel label ”can be enjoyed by all Pratchett followers, not only because of the author's unmistakable tone - and because on many occasions it seems too dark to be a novel for young people , to those who have very badly used today - but because it is equally enjoyed as a Mundodisco novel that it is - specifically the twenty-eighth installment. The world of literature lives in part of the reissues, in view is the numerous reprints and face-lift novels, stories and anthologies that from time to time reach the bookstores.

Dark is an original Netflix series of the mystery thriller genre with touches of supernatural fantasy. 'The 100' is a post apocalyptic drama written by Jason Rothenberg (Body Politic), based on Kass Morgan's books. When you read this book, you immerse yourself completely in the story and with each page you pass the characters acquire new lights and shadows.

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